Tips for Using a Suit That Every Man Should Know Of


A suit is a piece of clothing consisting of a neatly tailored jacket and matching trousers. Suits are official by design. They elude an air of formality, sophistication and demand respect. There is a saying that goes, ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’. When you wear suits, you will be addressed with more respect than you will be when wearing a pair of jeans.

Suits come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs. To be able to optimize the effect of a suit, you have to ensure you get the right type for yourself and the occasion. If you are new to the use of suits, below are some of the tips you can follow to ensure you optimize the use of your suits.


10 Tips For Wearing A Suit

  1. Button the inner shirt to the top: When wearing a suit with a tie, ensure your crisp, clean inner shirt is fully buttoned up to the top. This makes you look more sophisticated.
  2. Always leave the last button open: Always leave the last button of your suit jacket open. It is more modern and attractive. Fastening the last button makes your jacket look bulking. You do not want to look bulky.
  3. Unfasten button before sitting down: Before you take a seat, unfasten the button of your suit jacket. This stops it from squeezing on your inner shirt and crumpling it. It also gives your stomach space to breathe.
  4. The suit should be well fitting: To look best in your suit, it has to be tailored perfectly to suit your body size. The sleeves of the shirts should not be too long and neither should the trousers. The shoulders of the suit should fit your shoulders correctly. Say no too baggy suits.
  5. The more contrasting your tie is, the better: Matching a red tie on a dark colored suit and white shirt is perfect. A black tie on a black suit with a white shirt is also brilliant or a white tie on a black shirt.
  6. Wear moderate accessories: Cufflinks and wristwatches are all the accessories you need for a suit. You are strongly advised against wearing neck chains or bracelets on your suit. Also, do not wear a sports wristwatch on your suit.
  7. The darker the suit, the better: Dark colored suits such as black, dark brown, grey and dark blue suits are the best way to go. You cannot go wrong with a dark colored suit. Light colored suits, on the other hand, are tricky and sometimes, can take away the whole purpose of putting on a suit.
  8. Cover your ankles with socks: Wear long socks in your shoes that would cover up your ankles when your trouser comes up due to sitting, walking or squatting.
  9. Tie and waistcoat should be belt length: Your tie tip should be long enough to reach the belt on your waist. When putting on waistcoats, the waistcoat should also get to your waist.
  10. Do not wear a belt with suspenders: The use of suspender is to hold your trousers up while looking fashionable in the process. When wearing a suspender, you have no need to wear a belt too.


When you follow these tips, you’ll look dapper, organized, and neat every day.

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When and When Not To Wear A Tie


A tie is a neckwear mostly for men that is worn under a collar and knotted in front. Wearing a tie can make you look very corporate and official. Many times you can do on a blazer with no tie and look quite casual, but with a tie, you look official.

In a situation where you are heading for an event and you suddenly realize you have no idea what the dress code or theme is, how do you make the decision to put on a tie or not? This can be made easier if you understand the purpose of the event. The event purpose largely determines if to put on that fresh new tie you just bought, or to save it for another day. Below are events that should determine if you should put on a tie.

  1. Formal Dinners: For formal dinners, a tie is absolutely compulsory. You are required to put on a tie with your tuxedo to such a dinner. Anything else and you will be giving a poor impression of yourself – that is if you are let into the dining hall.
  2. Weddings: Weddings require the use of a tie (Wedding ties). Although this largely depends on the country and culture of the couple getting married. But most of the time, the default dressing for a wedding should be in your suit and tie.
  3. Funerals: Funeral ceremonies are conducted basically to pay homage to the dead. Putting on a tie with your suits puts you in the perfect position to properly pay your homage and respect.
  4. Business Events: Business events involve a lot of formality. If you want to be taken seriously, put on a tie with your suits. A lot of people get addressed how they are dressed in the business world.

    Plain ties

    Keep reading to discover different styling tips for different colors of Plain ties 

  5. Dates: If you are taking that beautiful lady on a date to a four or five-star restaurant, it is required that you wear a tie to look as dashing and impressive as possible. Also, if you are taking her to the theatre, you should have a tie on.


Despite the seemingly long list of events to wear ties to, there are also events which do not require you wearing a tie. They include

  1. Work: There are some work descriptions that do not require you wearing a tie such as teaching, store owners, doctors, and builders and so on. You can put on a tie to work if you fall under this category but most of the time; it’s not required of you.
  2. Casual dates: When going on a casual date like to the movies, the beach or to a bar, you are not required to wear a tie. Jeans and a nice shirt will suffice nicely.
  3. Family get-togethers: A family gets together is one of the most casual events that could be. They are your family; you don’t need to look official to impress them. Most of the time, putting on a tie to such a gathering will get you teased. A tie is only required if it is the theme of the get-together.


I hope this article has helped you in making your decision on if and if not to wear your tie to that event. Enjoy!

10 Rules to Wear a Perfect Suit


A suit is a pair of jacket and trousers made with the same fabric to be worn together. Suits are official wear that elude an air of class and sophistication. Every man should have a suit that looks classy and fits him perfectly. When worn properly, suits make you stand out in a crowd.

Celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and David Beckham are well known for how good they look in suits. You do not have to be a famous superstar to look as dapper though. You simply have to know the right rules to wear a suit. If your do not wear your suit the right way, you might be ignored and not taken seriously.


Here, you will be getting 10 rules to wear a perfect suit:

  1. Choose the right fit: Choosing a suit that fits rightly cannot be overemphasized. Your suit has to cling comfortably to your frame to make you look classy and sophisticated. Putting on an oversized suit will make you look scruffy.
  2. Expose your cuffs: This gives you an opportunity to showcase your cufflinks and cufflinks are very attractive suit accessories. Most times suits consist of plain black colors against contrasting bright colors, gold cufflinks add a bit more character to your outfit.
  3. Leave last button unfastened: It is important to leave the last button of your jacket unfastened. Fastening the last button of your shirt will make your attire look stuffy. This makes your outfit look imperfect.
  4. Choose right fabric: When you purchase a suit or have one tailored, be sure you put the purpose of the suit into consideration when choosing your fabric. For a business suits, wool is a more advisable fabric. Poly-viscose is also a recommendable fabric for your suits as it is durable and has a stretchy feature.
  5. Go for dark suits: You can never go wrong with a black suit. Neither can you go wrong with a dark brown suit, dark blue suit or a grey suit. Dark colored suits make you look taller and hides a few extra pounds.
  6. Never mix a patterned suit with a patterned shirt: This will make you look ridiculous. A patterned suit should be worn with a plain shirt and a patterned shirt should be worn with a plain suit.
  7. Wear the right shoes: Shoes are very important to look perfect in your suit. They complement your suit. Black and brown formal shoes or loafers complement suits just right.
  8. Stand up collars: Stand up collar shirts are the best choice when wearing a suit. A round neck shirt or a turtleneck top will have you looking more casual than formal. Stand up collars look more formal and gives you the option of wearing a tie to optimize your look.
  9. Pocket Squares: Pocket squares add more color and character to your suit. You should always ensure your pocket square matches with the color of your inner shirt.
  10. Wear a tie: Putting on a tie is the icing on the cake with a suit. Without a tie, you could come off as looking causal or even scruffy. A perfectly knotted tie perfects your outfit.


The 10 rules listed above are essential to wear a perfect suit. Put them to use for your next formal event and you will be the classiest man in the room.


Styling Tips for Plain Colored Ties

Ties have been a staple in the fashionable gentleman’s wardrobe for the longest time. This classy and stylish accessory is here to stay and is going nowhere anytime soon. Ties are now available is virtually every style, material, design, or pattern you can think of. As a result of this, styling shirts with patterned ties has posed problems for men all around the globe. Luckily, plain ties are here to help out every man.

Plain ties are the best thing since sliced bread, and they present wearers with so many options. They exist in an endless sea of colors, and you can always pick whichever one suits your style here. Keep reading to discover different styling tips for different colors of plain ties.


White and pastel ties: These are ties that are on the extremely light and soft color spectrum. To get the most out of these ties, it’s best to style them with a dark shirt in the same color family. Pastel colors include lavender, aqua, pink, sky blue, and mint green. For instance, you could pair this Sky Blue Satin Silk Tie with a navy blue plaid shirt.

Sky Blue Satin Silk Tie

Sky Blue Satin Silk Tie

Ties of the blue and green spectrum: The colors blue and green have a virtually endless number of variants including turquoise and teal. They should be paired with white and red or purple striped shirts. This Turquoise Satin Silk Tie would look great in such a combo.

Turquoise Satin Silk Thin Tie

Turquoise Satin Silk Thin Tie


Peach, Ivory, and Gold Ties: These ties do not exactly belong to a primary color family, and they are exquisite and exotic colors. If you have plaid or floral shirts in your wardrobe, then this  Satin Ivory Silk Tie is the perfect companion for them.

Satin Ivory Silk Tie

Satin Ivory Silk Tie

Plain ties are the perfect go-to option for when you don’t want to take risks with pattern on pattern, or when you’re not in the mood for patterns. You can always wear plain ties with plain shirts, but remember that your ties and shirts should never be of the same color.

How to get the most out of your makeup


Today you’ll be glad for having parents who would always enlighten you about the ways to curtail your wear and tear ritual. As a woman and a beauty lover in tandem, you must constantly make sure that you have your enough of all your makeup (that we codename as nuclear stuff) to feel uncompromised every instance when you fancy to pay an individual emergence to events.

But, What if it’s one of those cloudy, boring days when you feel out of luck and suddenly run out of your dearly loved lipstick, blush or color palette? Want to be a dexterous character in the makeup department? Steel yourself to check out these few hacks that will help you get the most out of your makeup.

Keep your Blushes and Brushes Tip-top – Women die a little inside their heart when they find there makeup brushes hard as concrete and powder products broken out of nowhere. Not only they are expensive, but you also use them to appeal more than one makeup. Don’t worry Woman! You are not the only one in the league.

So, to keep you’re the silky hair of your brushes soft like day 1, wash them every Sunday, for instance. Use a soap which is high in lather and less in fragrance. After washing them just leave them aside for quite a while douse and dry.

If you find your powder products out of order just add little bit of alcohol, hold the pieces back together. You’ll find them a fixed like the novel one when you locate them sideways for a moment or two.

Concoct Products you are Over and Done with – Great makeup comes for a price. If you think that your bronzer, lipstick, liners, lip gloss just died then think again. You can use them to their last drops and get pleasure from that commotion of contentment.

Use a q-tip to carve out that little amount of lipstick stacked to the inner walls. It wouldn’t be wrong to do alike for your cheeks to make those cheekbones emerge and put together a sexier you.

Mix your bronzer with a moisturizer to highlight your arms and make them look even more chic and slick when you find it has given up suggests the Glamour magazine.

You may also use your blush like a gloss (particularly in cases where you run out of it and you have no choice) by adding a little Vaseline to it.

Broke your liner? Don’t worry! Next time keep them zipped in a refrigerator to make sure you they don’t get tender with the air temperature.

But what if there’s more hard luck waiting for you at the shopping mall and you accidentally pay money for the erroneous palette?

Too Dark or Too Light? I’m sure if God had an idea about how hard it is to maintain the foundation or blush according to complexion after having bought the wrong shades, he wouldn’t give us different complexions. However, if you buy the wrong shades you may fix them by adding a little bronzer to the foundation if you think if it’s too dark or by dissolving a little moisturizer for the opposite case.

7 Ways to Make a Successful Fabric Shopping Online

12096115_330361873754305_7395219904797252486_nBuying your fabrics from a physical store is really satisfying, because you can touch, fondle and drape them, or arrange them loosely around something. However, if you are a sewer and your place is kilometers away from the nearest brick-and-mortar business, you will find that ordering your fabrics online is also as satisfying. You will issue a purchase order and give the address where you want the item/s delivered. When it comes to your door, you will excitedly open the package, and you express your approval: yay! This is just what I wanted.

Because not everyone who buys their fabrics online is pleased with the outcome of their transaction over the internet, I have 7 tips for you people who want to become a professional in online shopping.

  1. Know your fabrics. This is a rule that must not be broken anytime. Most online shops can give you a complete description of their fabrics, such as how they drape, their weight, and even the fiber content; but it is important that you know what the terms mean, before you go ahead and make an order. So do your homework and make researches.

  2. Try to get swatches before you purchase fabric online. Swatches are sample strips taken from a piece of fabric. You can ask the online shops if they could provide you a sample for free or at a very small price. It is important that you personally see the item that you need, so you can avoid being disappointed when it is actually delivered to you. Swatches can also prevent the hassle of shipping back the fabric that does not conform to your specifications.

  3. Look for more detailed description of the fabric. Many online shops are very good at giving information about the items that they sell on the internet. Look at this example. “This is a stunning piece of fabric with quality and design that is truly wonderful. Its flexibility and malleability makes it a great material for tailoring; a jacket, a suit, or a body fitting dress”. Fabric descriptions help you decide whether the fabric is right or wrong for your purpose, right?

  4. Look for more photos, if possible close up shots. A couple or three photos can be very helpful to your online purchase. Just like item descriptions, photos can hep you make a wise decision.

  5. Be flexible about colors. You may see colors differently when looking at your laptop, and atyour iPhone. This is also where swatches can help – you can see the original color of the fabric before making a purchase.

  6. Make sure that the store’s return policy is clear to you. Read the fine prints before ordering. Make certain that if your order is off-specs, you can return or replace it with a better fabric.

7. Enroll in the online shop’s mailing list. Through this you will know about new arrivals, or when a certain fabric will be put up for sale. Many shops also offer some perks and promos that you wouldn’t want to miss, and the mailing list will allow you to catch these promos before they go too fast.

Picking the Best Fabrics for Any Garment

Cotton fabric maintenance tips

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Fabric Cotton

Top 5 gorgeous trendy short women’s hairstyles

Trendy short haircuts are so classic that it is always a choice among women who want to revitalize their hairstyle. It can be described as a hair trend that is both comfy and fashionable. It is not only advisable during hot days like summer but it is definitely a hairstyle for all seasons. If you are confused on which gorgeous short hairstyles to have, this article is perfect for you.

  1. Caressed Bob

A bob cut is one of the most favorite trendy short haircuts for women. Since it is very popular, it has already evolved into several variants of its cut, one of which is the caressed bob. This is the kind of bob that has a pleasant looking roundness and is accompanied by edgy layers which frame the face perfectly. It is heaviest on top of the ears and then with thinner layers caressing the side of the face. One short hair tip that you can do with this is to color it with an intense hue like red or blonde.

  1. New pixie

A gorgeous short hairstyle like pixie should always be included in the top 5 trendy short haircuts. If you are not aware of what a pixie haircut is, you can think about Peter Pan’s fairy sidekick Tinkerbell who sprinkles pixie dust to do magic. With a pixie haircut, you can do magic on your hair as well especially with the new pixie cut. This new pixie has pointed and edgy layers on the sides, back, and on the bangs as well. Because of the geometrical definitions of this hairstyle, you will surely turn heads.

  1. The Super Shorty

This super short hairstyle can be done by creating a star-like texture of cuts on your hair. The layers, like s star should be cut in a multi-directional nature. A short hair tip to make this hairstyle look more edgy is to have the hair at the back cut very short and then longer as it is cut continuously going to the front. This trendy short haircut is for those who are willing to get a unique, jagged look.

  1. Fluffy and wavy

If you are into trendy short haircuts which are light in the head, this is the one for you. Albeit with its wavy and fluffy texture, this hairstyle can look superb. It’s the best option if you have wavy or curly hair – but for those with straight hair, there are curling tools which you can use to achieve this gorgeous short hairstyle. The more waves and curves in your short hair, the better. You can liven it up more with coloring it brown and spilling over some highlights of golden hues.

  1. Postmodern trendy short haircut

This is an ultimately different kind of a short hairstyle. It’s eclectic and unorthodox style will have you really feeling like a whole new person if you wear this. This haircut is precisely cut close to the scalp and initially topped by spikes then later on with a sleek layer of longer hair. Pair these with diagonally cut bangs that reach your upper cheekbone. Dye this fierce haircut with gold or copper to add momentum.

Experiment this season with these 5 trendy short haircuts and experience a whole new level of fun. Having a short hair is both fashionable and very convenient especially if you are a woman that is always on the go. Follow these short hair tips and you’ll never regret saying goodbye to your long hair.

Get The Best Quality Cotton Fabrics At Affordable Prices From Fabrictime

fabric-2259821_1920If you are ever involved in art and craft projects for fun or for business, you understand the importance of highest quality cotton fabric. The most versatile material can be used to create unique and interesting craft projects with a little bit of creativity. With adorable prints and vibrant colors, the cotton fabric adds a unique fresh look to the final product in their own way. Moreover, cotton is extremely easy to maintain and it is often loved by its users. To get the best cotton fabric for all your art and craft needs in London, Fabrictime is your best choice.

The online shopping store delivers your chosen cotton fabrics right to your doorstep within a short duration. Whether you want a couple of yards or hundreds of yards of delicate cotton fabric, you can place your order using your computer, sitting in your pajamas. Fabrictime also exhibits at various craft shows across the country and you will surely get a chance to visit the store in person if you want.

Fabrictime sells 100% pure cotton that has become a rarity in recent times. The best cotton fabric shrinks minimally and doesn’t fade away after a couple of washes. Whether you are looking for fat quarters or fashionable fabric for your accessory needs, you will always find something unique and enjoyable from Fabrictime.

Apart from 100% cotton fabric, Fabrictime also sells other fabric materials such as Hessian, Nylon Polycotton, Stretch Fabric, Upholstery Fabric, Dress Fabric, Wool, Cotton Denim and much more. You can find fabrics in various bright colors to suit your project needs. You can easily find fantastic cotton fabric with prints exclusively for kids and adults. Whatever may be your need while choosing the cotton fabric, you will find that every need of yours is satiated by Fabrictime online store.

If you are out of creativity for your next sewing project, fret not as you can download sewing patterns for free from Fabrictime. Your handbag making business will take off smoothly with an exclusive collection of handbag accessories that can also be used with garments. Fabrictime is simply a one-stop shop for your sewing art and craft project needs. From time to time, Fabric time launches specials at discounted prices so that you can save more while buying more. The new arrivals are updated on a daily basis and you can enjoy private access to unique collections every day.

Making Every Birthday Special- The Birthday Cake Saga

cake_197690-825x510Ever wondered why as a child, irrespective of the gifts we got on our birthdays, the right cake if not brought to the table, ruined our mood and emotions? Our parents back then, took all the pains to bake the right one for us, but there was always an imagination and fantasy streak within, which made us expect more. Although we are grateful for the birthday cakes we have had so far, baked with love by mom, we somewhat want to make our future birthdays special and unique. Hence, the right birthday cake and its importance should be honored. Read on!

The importance of a birthday cake

Irrespective of your age, a cake is a must have item on the table when a birthday happens or for a celebration of sorts. A party is no party sans the cake around, and who isn’t happy with cake in front of their eyes?
We tend to get in full mood and force, when we see cakes. Birthday cakes especially, with all that imagination and frosty creativity on the sponge platform, iced up and conjured well brings water to the mouth when the taste buds tingle. Most mothers and commercial bakers have been extremely creative with the making of birthday cakes for all age groups.

For all age groups
The best part is, in this day and age, birthday cakes can be customized. You have themed cakes for kids and teens, adult novelty cakes for the big ones around, and elegant classy cakes for those who want to keep it special. Embellishments galore, each birthday cake created are a story untold. It speaks of the choices and the lifestyle of the birthday boy or girl, and can also be a way for the host to express themselves too.

An act of love

The world stands in need of liberation, and love is what we need. What better way than to bring in a lot of cake to the table. Irrespective of the age group, a cake at the table is reason enough for everyone to hang around till late. Who doesn’t love nibbling over the leftover pieces too- let’s admit it, we all do?
You can sing, dance and make merry, but the tastiest of cakes for a birthday is what would make the event a memorable one. They are associated with sweetness and fond memories. Who wouldn’t want to have a little dose of sweetness after a rough week or a day, and that is what a birthday cake does for one and all.
Go ahead and customise your Cake
Depending on the age group of the birthday boy, girl, man or woman, you get to choose themes, decorative, fantasy characters and more. From teddy bears to lovely flowers, super heroes to space aliens, brands to novelty adult touches on the cake, cakes shaped as mementos to gorgeous designer cakes and more; the choices are unlimited. Customise the cake as per your wish and bring in the happiness much needed to the table.
“I don’t need a birthday cake” said no one ever! Happy gobbling the delicious treat!


6 Casual to dressy outfit ideas for you to try this summer

The summer frenzy does not only cater to swimsuits and summer hats, wearing dresses can also be your summer outfit inspiration. Summer dresses are fun and comfortable to wear and it also hugs your body well enough for you to feel that feminine vibe. Here are the latest fashion trends & tips in wearing a dressy outfit this sunny season.

  1. Denim dresses


Denim clothing does not go out of style. Anywhere you go, any season you may have, this style inspiration always does its part. For summer, a short denim dress will do the job for you. You can choose whether you like to wear it with sleeves or not but for the warm weather, this summer outfit inspiration will do best if you opt for the sleeveless and above the knee dress. Make it look more unique by adding on some white sneakers and a hip sling bag to go with it.

  1. The Blouson


Blouson dresses have been a recent addition to latest fashion trends & tips this summer season. Its style is breezy and creates an illusion of having a separate top altogether. You can never go wrong with a blouson long, strappy dress and select those with bright and bohemian prints to complete your summer outfit inspiration this season.

  1. Midi Dresses


Another summer outfit inspiration which is well-loved by many is a midi dress. It is popular even if some say it only looks good on tall women. Well that absolutely is a myth. Midi dresses can also be worn by women who are vertically challenged even if its length is below the knee. You can still pull off this style inspiration by choosing a midi dress with lighter fabric, wearing it with a wedge, and making sure to select a midi with an A-line cut.

  1. Crop dresses


Crops are everywhere so it’s quite an easy guess for this summer outfit inspiration to make it on this list. A crop top is surely a woman’s best friend because it fits all sizes. One will basically need a strappy dress before wearing the crop top. Choose a lacy crop top made with light fabric and this latest fashion trend & tip will make you feel more than excited to have fun this summer.

  1. Bare-back dresses


If you want to ditch the swimsuits but still want to look glam and sexy during summer, bare-back dresses should be your summer outfit inspiration. It’s comfy enough to be casual but still gives you the feeling of sleek and sexy as you bare skin at the same time keeping your attire a little low profile. This style inspiration looks best with a summer hat and your favorite sunglasses.

  1. Shirt dresses


Shirt dresses are the new sundresses for the latest fashion trends & tips during summer time. It’s flexible and you can just make a lot of things out of wearing it. You can wear it with a belt; use it as a cover-up on the beach, or just a casual summer outfit inspiration when you go for a picnic in the park.

Getting fashionable this summer won’t be that hard now with all these latest fashion trends & tips for your summer outfit inspiration. Wearing hot dresses during summer is not only an option for the overly-feminine but also those with a heart for fashion and comfort. Just make sure that you pair these style inspirations with a sunny smile and your summer this year will be one of the most amazing seasons ever!

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