How to get the most out of your makeup


Today you’ll be glad for having parents who would always enlighten you about the ways to curtail your wear and tear ritual. As a woman and a beauty lover in tandem, you must constantly make sure that you have your enough of all your makeup (that we codename as nuclear stuff) to feel uncompromised every instance when you fancy to pay an individual emergence to events.

But, What if it’s one of those cloudy, boring days when you feel out of luck and suddenly run out of your dearly loved lipstick, blush or color palette? Want to be a dexterous character in the makeup department? Steel yourself to check out these few hacks that will help you get the most out of your makeup.

Keep your Blushes and Brushes Tip-top – Women die a little inside their heart when they find there makeup brushes hard as concrete and powder products broken out of nowhere. Not only they are expensive, but you also use them to appeal more than one makeup. Don’t worry Woman! You are not the only one in the league.

So, to keep you’re the silky hair of your brushes soft like day 1, wash them every Sunday, for instance. Use a soap which is high in lather and less in fragrance. After washing them just leave them aside for quite a while douse and dry.

If you find your powder products out of order just add little bit of alcohol, hold the pieces back together. You’ll find them a fixed like the novel one when you locate them sideways for a moment or two.

Concoct Products you are Over and Done with – Great makeup comes for a price. If you think that your bronzer, lipstick, liners, lip gloss just died then think again. You can use them to their last drops and get pleasure from that commotion of contentment.

Use a q-tip to carve out that little amount of lipstick stacked to the inner walls. It wouldn’t be wrong to do alike for your cheeks to make those cheekbones emerge and put together a sexier you.

Mix your bronzer with a moisturizer to highlight your arms and make them look even more chic and slick when you find it has given up suggests the Glamour magazine.

You may also use your blush like a gloss (particularly in cases where you run out of it and you have no choice) by adding a little Vaseline to it.

Broke your liner? Don’t worry! Next time keep them zipped in a refrigerator to make sure you they don’t get tender with the air temperature.

But what if there’s more hard luck waiting for you at the shopping mall and you accidentally pay money for the erroneous palette?

Too Dark or Too Light? I’m sure if God had an idea about how hard it is to maintain the foundation or blush according to complexion after having bought the wrong shades, he wouldn’t give us different complexions. However, if you buy the wrong shades you may fix them by adding a little bronzer to the foundation if you think if it’s too dark or by dissolving a little moisturizer for the opposite case.

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