The Best Celebrity Outfit Inspirations for 2016

2016 has started and a lot of new celebrity outfit inspirations have come with it! If you are a fashion aficionado, then I bet you’re already tossing and turning those clothes in your closet. There are a lot of outfit ideas and clothing trends going around but how do you know what suits you? Read on to find the answers.

  1. Strut it like Queen Bey

Beyonce has always been THAT icon for many, not only as a performer but also as a celebrity outfit inspiration. Her exceptional curves just flatter all the clothes she wears and turns simple clothing to something wild and sexy. If you want those Beyonce-inspired outfit ideas, get ready to mix and match leotards with a simple pair of denim, that is if you can’t pull off her usual leather bodysuit.

  1. If it’s Amal, It’s Regal

Are you one of those who secretly wish that every day is like a fashion ramp day? If yes, then Amal Clooney is your perfect celebrity outfit inspiration. Whatever the occasion or the weather, Amal never fails to look classy. Her clothing trend is definitely one for the 2016 fashion book. George’s better half is fond of wearing casual dresses with low-key prints and hues during the day and chooses dark and grey apparel in the night. Get your black stockings and booties ready, too!

  1. Whip it with some Monae

Janelle Monae, an actress and recording artist spells out F-U-N in her funky fashion outfit ideas. She shined like a star during the 2016 New York Fashion Week as she flaunted her faux-fur inspired wardrobe and waist-length braids. Monae gets to be one of the freshest celebrity hot and sexy outfit inspirations with her unique style of blending and matching geometric prints on her clothing and wearing wedge-strappy shoes whether the event is a day or evening gig.

  1. Make it, Blake it

Being a mom like Blake should not stop you from following the fashion trends this 2016. TV actress turned fashion icon just had a baby but she still is a favorite amongst the trendiest celebrity outfit inspirations as of late. Blake’s outfit ideas this 2016 are very ‘mom-friendly’, which is comfy but not boring! Get her look by wearing an oversized printed coat worn over a simply pleated t-shirt, leather pants, and your ever reliable leather black boots.

  1. The Power of Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the best celebrity outfit inspirations you should check out this 2016. Her fashion clothing trends this 2016 can absolutely bring you anywhere! This girl effortlessly turns the hype from sweet to grunge and classy to giddy. This year, Rihanna makes use of ponchos and scarves with colors of rose quartz and serenity which are the pantone colors for 2016. She still makes us of her favourite ragged denim jeans matched with black rocking stilettos.
2016 is the year of unique clothing trends that’s why you are in for an exciting time exploring different celebrity outfit inspirations. However, you should not forget to pair it with a great hairstyle and a cheery smile! Play around with these tips, experiment in front of the mirror, and ramp away!

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