5 Natural home remedy tips for girls

Maintaining our beauty entails our skin to be on its top form. However, for those who have skin allergies, beauty tips for girls suggest the use of natural home remedies instead of those chemical-based products. This is wonderful news since it is not only easy to do, but a breather for our pockets as well.

1. Glow naturally

I know it’s hard to always keep a clean and healthy skin, especially if you’re always out and under the sun. Well, this skin care advice would boost your mood because it’s just a grab away in your kitchen. It’s about time for you to use lemons! It’s a perfect beauty tip for girls with dull skin! This citrus fruit clears out those dark spots on your skin and takes off your skin’s dead cells. To use lemons on your face, squeeze out its juice and apply it on your face and skin. Leave it to dry for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water and enjoy your refreshed, glowing skin!

2. Eyebags no more!

Those hanging bags under your eyes just make you more sleepless! The best beauty trick and tip for popping those bags under your eyes is to make use of your spoons in the kitchen. Aside from cucumbers and tea bags, spoons that are chilled are also known to be an effective beauty tip for girls with saggy eyebags. You will need 6 spoons for this, chill these for 20 minutes and place each spoon on your eye. Replace with a colder spoon once it feels warm.

3. The Pimple Dilemma

No, you should not prick your pimple! What you should do is head to your bathroom and get your toothpaste. A very surprising beauty tip for girls with pimples is to put toothpaste on your pimple right after treating it with ice. This helps the pimple to dry out. Make sure to use the white toothpaste and rinse it 30 minutes after. Truly, those latest beauty products surely found a match with our handy toothpaste.

4. Hair Affair

Have you heard of the wonders of using apple cider? If not, you should know that using it is a great skin care advice. To add, it can also be used to treat your hair! All you need is a tablespoon of this wonder solution, olive oil, and egg whites. Combine all ingredients into mixture and lather it on your hair, cover your hair for 30-45 minutes before shampooing and rinsing. This is an easy breezy beauty tip for girls with dry and damaged hair.

5. Best beauty tricks and tips for lips

Sometimes we just can’t avoid having chapped lips and this means a sad day for lipstick lovers. Don’t worry because your ever dependable kitchen has the solution for you. To do this beauty tips for girls with chapped lips, get that jar of sugar and honey to make your very own lip moisturizer! Just combine 3 teaspoons of sugar with a teaspoon of honey and rub gently on your chapped lips to remove those scaly dead cells. Once clear of dead cells, rinse it off and wear your favourite lip shade!

Beauty tips for girls are not all about spending money on the latest beauty products. Many of our organic products like lemon, cucumbers, eggs, honey, and the like – are not just food for our tummy but for our skin as well. Besides, going all natural while preserving our beauty is still the best beauty trick and tip a woman can have.

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