The 15 most sexy dresses

As time goes by, the old custom of wearing naked suits returns again and again. I know it sounds redundant, but there is no other way to describe these beautiful designs in which they used giant transparencies or just very little fabric.

The stylized bodies of those who wear them, do not cease to be a fact to be considered, but some have achieved it with more grace than others:

1. Rihanna

This was the model that the singer used to receive an award at the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Some criticized her for showing too much and she has acknowledged that she regretted something that night, but it was not the dress, but having worn underwear that did notrihann-fashion-awards-ftr-2


2. Kendall Jenner

You have to recognize the beauty of the dress and how much you favored it at the MET Gala last year.



3. Miley Cyrus

The Bangerz era of Miley gave us this model that consisted mostly of very well placed belts.mileycyrusvmas1-2

4. Kim Kardashian

Only she is able to walk like that in New York.naked-celebrity-dresses-kim-kardashian

5. Chrissy Teigen

This suit brought a serious problem, since, from an angle of images, Chrissy was seen absolutely everything.


6. Jennifer Lopez is the Latin representation of sensuality and few show transparencies like her.Captura-de-pantalla

7. Heidi Klum

You see just what is owed and what is not. In case you wonder what underwear is worn with these dresses, they should know, that it is not worn.


8. Bella Hadid

Bella is one of the queens of naked dresses on catwalks and this is just one example.


9. Rita Ora

A transparency very well placed and tailored, should not bring any inconvenience.


10. Beyoncé

It was impossible for Queen B not to appear on this list. It was one of the first to appear at the MET gala in such a provocative way.Beyoncé

11. JLo

Another example of JLO knows what he has and how to show it in its proper measure.

Captura-de-pantalla p.m.-2

12. Bella Hadid

Did not we tell you I was the queen of the transparencies? We repeat it!

Bella Hadid

13. JLO

Or is it that JLo is the queen in this field?


14. Bella Hadid

But every time we want to give one as the winner, another one appears with even more nudity.


15. Marilyn Monroe

There is no reason to be alarmed. The extreme transparencies are a show of daring, design and fashion, and some simply can never resist that.


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